Week 10 First screening and announcement

Oops! According the screening I’m not 10 weeks but 11 weeks pregnant. During the screening the baby has been measured, and she is 3,4 cm. That is the lenght for 11 weeks old baby. I just got a week shorter pregnancy. How does that feel? Euhm, I would not mind to experience this pregnancy longer. It is probably my last one. The calculation is based on the growth of the foetus. According to the midwife the fertillised ovum have had imbeded very fast. On average that takes approximaly 4-5 days. So, now I am almost in the second trimester, hopefully no tiredness anymore 🙂 This week I was still tired. My husband brought the kids to school. At 13.00 I picked up the younger one and at 14.45 the elder son. In the meanwhile we went to the kids farm or did some grocery together a nice lunch. At home we played a game, afterwards the kids went to play outside and I started to get tired again. But I still needed to cook. My emergency meal is kitchari! How ayurvedic 😉 Just put the rice, mung beans and vegetables in the pot and let it stove for 20 minutes. Oh I enjoy kitchari everytime, would it be the nourishing qualities of the dish or the hormones? After dinner we read some pages from their favorite book. After reading we set up some music and we dance. Movement is good for the digestion tho. While dancing we go upstairs, put off the clothes, thoot brushing and rub their body in with warm sesame oil. They may do an dance performance while letting the oil nourish the skin. Normally I wait for 10 minutes to do the oil her work. But at that time of the day Im quiet tired and just wait the half of the time LOL. Sometimes the kids showers themselves, but most of the daymy husband or I does it. After shower it’s bedtime story time. It’s so a priviledge that the kids are sleeping at 19.15. At the days when I am very tired and the hormones are rushing through my body I fall in sleep at the bed of my daughter. My husband does not wake me. So when I wake up an hour later, it missed our quality time together. I take a shower and make myself ready for my evening rituals with candle light, meditation and mantra. This week my husband or I made golden milk every evening. That’s warm milk, with turmeric, cardemom, cinnamon, ghee and a little bit honey. It is so nourishing and warming for body and mind. After some chitchat I start my evening rituals. I try my best to live acccording the Ayurvedic clock, but nowadays it doesn’t work. I do go to bed before 10 PM. After an hour I wake up to go to toilet ( no wonder after a big glass of warm milk). I don’t know what time it is but after some while I go again. At 6.30 I need to go out of bed and start the new day! This week I have an appointment with “moeders voor moeders”. I should collect my urine and donate that due to the substance that could help other woman get pregnant. It will be picked up every week in blue containers.

It took so long before it was weekend in my perception. I would love to tell the world about the pregnancy. Our little big secret will be revealed, my husbands and mine precious gift. It was time to let everybody one.

Some of the family members were surprised, others were waiting for the good news. By the way, my father in law did know what the belly wrap was and was allover excited in silence for that week. Our announcement was a relieve. The kids gave everybdoy we told a pink rose or tullip with a self made heart of my son. He had made nine double folded hearts in different colour ranges. Inside the heart was written: with love from, Devan, Iyara and Baby.

My grandmother was in tears and gave me the sweetest and longest cuddle ever. It felt so good to tell the family that the baby will be coming.

This week we announce the pregnancy to the rest of the family and friends!

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