Week 12 Hello, second trimester

First trimester has passed by! It is just a note of time, because the tiredness is still there. The baby is developing good. I feel myself growing too. My hips are extending, my ass and ties are expanding. It is time the search for the garbage bag with maturnaty pants. I was glad I kept that in the loft. There were two pants that fitted me perfectly. This week I did some impulsive baby shopping. Cute dresses, pants and socks. It was sale in a lot of the shops, so I bought also for all the babyshowers that would be coming and all the new born visits in these couple of months. I enjoyed so much! I also took the kids to the store to select a present for the baby. They choosed a present and kept in their room and will give it when the baby will come. It was so sweet to see them sharing caring talks about the baby. My daughter is asking every morning if the baby is coming today. So sweet, but oh, 6 months waiting will take long for her. The kids told all their friends that they will become brother and sister again. Everybody was excited. They told the neighbours too with a pink cupcake. Just too cute.

This week the tiredness was suddenly less. I went to the forest nearby twice this week. It was so soothing, relaxing and energizing despite of the cold wind. After the walk I was not tired, yippie. I think although that i have to make an appointment for the podoloog. During the other two pregnanies I had bekkeninstabiliteit and pain in the right knee. Having sessions at the fysiotherapy in the early stage helped and wearing customized footsoles too.

Every Thursday I get help for house cleaning. It was just now that the help told me that she has a endometro disease. Probably she could not get kids, but she really wants kids badly. At that time I could not tell her that I am pregnant. I just could not. I wished I could help her, but how? Sometimes you dont need to have an solution for evrybody. Listening was already helping her.

This week I went to the hospital to do some blood checks. My huisarts wanted to know how my vitamines are due to the reason that I am a vegetarian/ almost veganist. The same week she got the results. My iron was a bit low and there was a risk of amnesia. I have to look at my nutrition better. I made an appointment with my Ayurvedic docter. Hopefully she won’t tell me to eat meat or fish… I don’t want to think of that dillema.

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