Week 13 Feel good

Dancing throughout the day, but going to bed more early. I adjusted my daily routine. I want to lay in bed at 21.00. It works out fine, for now.

This week the tiredness was not showing up during the day. Happy me. I was surprised how much I could do. The pregnancy glow was visible too.

I made an appointment with a chakra specialist. He is the founder of the chakra institue and innertuning. Im really interested in sound healing and the microchakras. I already had read his book and went to a workshop abou tthe causal body last year. I wanted to have a private consultation. It was my luck that I could have an appointment on Tuesday. It was so interesting. He could even feel on my nadi’s (channels near the chakras) that I was not breast feeded for the first month. It’s amazing what he could tell by feeling the microchakras and nadis. I was impressed. I got the mantras and went to school to get the kids on a rainy day.

This week we booked our vacation to Egypte. A lazy all inclusive vacation at a resort with a aquapark for the kids. In the news the Corona virus is hot topic. A cloud of fear came again. What if some of us get infected, there was a case in Germany. That is closeby. Choose for love, choose for trust! I do need to consider that the vacation will be canceled when Egypt will deny tourist from wherever. We will see.

After vacation I will have a photoshoot, I just look forward to it! This week I told my pregant cousin that I am pregnant too. My yoga teacher Tory will give a pregancy workshop in end of february, and guess who will attend….yes, Moi!

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