Week 7 Pieces of the puzzle

Hi, I am so excited to share my experiences from this third pregnancy.  Ayurveda, meditation and yoga already shown their magic during the pregancies of my two children. But then I was not an Ayurvedic student. The consciousness about Ayurveda already took her place before I was pregnant this time. In August I started the course to become an Ayurvedic Practioner. In november I got pregnant. The pregnancy was not plannend. All the birthdays in my family are within 5 weeks during summer. So if we would have plannend this pregnancy, we would look for another season 😛 But yeah, somethimes things comes from above and we accepted it as it comes with all the love. I have seen my baby  during a spiritual journey in October. My husband and I knew that the baby would be coming. It was just a matter of time. That it would be so fast, we did not expected. Blessings don’t come with time. Time is always right when a blessing comes 🙂

(just inbetween; my husband just left the living room and took a blanket with him….so I sayed “hmmm you’re going to relax upstairs in bed he? He answered “Im going to talk with my unborn child” LOL) Enfin.

It was 21:12 on 21-12-2019 when I felt to message my beautiful soulsister. We talked, and talked and talked, most of the time we’re sharing our spiritual experiences. This time it was more physicially. The instetines which are messy, mood swings and other discomforts. Last but not least she told me that she is expecting a baby girl. I was so thrilled, my whole being was tintling by happiness. She is interested in Ayurveda too. I remembered that I saw a Ayurveda – mother and chils care- book at the Academy. There was a innervoice saying that I should buy that book. Now I thaught to know, why I should buy it. It was for my baby niece. That would be the perfect Chrismas present for my sister. We ended the conversation and suddenly something happend! (Somethimes you just need somebody else to trigger you to uncover the veil of illusion, Maya.) All the puzzle pieces fell into each other, the peculiar things I felt and did. I looked at the beautiful pink lilies and I was amazed how strong the fragnance was. Was it really the fragnance of the lilies or was it my smell which was over sensitive? I took a throwback immediatly…….:

– Obstipation. My stool was always good. Now I couldn’t go to have a number 2. I thought it was a low agni.

– Bloating feeling. My belly was bloated after dinner. It had a size of 5 month pregnancy, I thought.

– My menstruation cycle was optimal before. Now I was late for two weeks. I thought it was the Vata distubance, the bloating, the obstipation. I really thought that all the rumour in my body delayed the mentruation.

– My penetrating body odour. My armpits was stinking intensly. I only experienced that during the pregnanies. I thougt it was a Pitta imbalance.

– Hot and long showers (a really DON’T during pregnancy). I thought it was a Vata imbalance because of the cold season. Although I did abhyanga, oil massage, everyday.

– The mood swings. I thought it was caused by the physical discomforts.

– The sensitive nipples. My 4 year daughter wants to hold a breast while she fall in sleep. I normally did not mind, but these days I just could not manage that.

– The feeling that I needed more space. I thought it was the phychical discomforts.

– No hunger. A cause of the low agni, I thought.

– Dark urine. I thought it was ama in the urine.

– Tired during daytime. A total disbalance.

So all my senses were hypersensitive the weeks before I did the test. Every discomfort/ symptom I linked to an Ayurvedic description. I’m welcoming a new life, that is what is happening! 🙂

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